Passing of Nelson Mandela

It is with sadness that we learned today about the passing of Nelson Mandela. The relationship that the MDE community developed in recent years with Unisa has connected us to the vision of Nelson Mandela one step further.
"Unisa is currently the largest university in Africa and an iconic, quintessentially South African institution of international repute and stature. The university fundamentally lives the ideals of Nelson Mandela – we share his vision of empowering individuals with education, through our own vision to be the African university in the service of humanity."  (
It has been our pleasure to have our colleagues from Unisa become a part of the MDE community. In the same spirit, we send out to all of them our sympathy for the loss of Mandela, while celebrating his memory and promising to live up to his values. 

Nelson Mandela, former president of the Republic of South Africa, received a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) in 1988 from Unisa. 

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  1. Frank James has an interesting account of his own on how improbable and impossible were the events after Mandela's long time in prison under the Apartheid regime. A similar improbability of events with the election of Obama in the US. He connects these major events in history and sheds light to their significance.